Greenspoint Capital

Greenspoint Capital is a special purpose vehicle formed by Trident to acquire a closed block of Bank-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) commissions and service revenues.

Greenspoint’s BOLI block is serviced by The Newport Group, a Trident portfolio company that acquired, from the same seller, the ongoing operations of Clark Consulting.


Stone Point was uniquely able to provide seller with speed and certainty to execute the transaction with limited contingencies, including providing an ongoing solution for seller’s clients and employees.


Stone Point provided “bridge” capital to facilitate closing the acquisition, followed by a securitization of the block’s cash flows.


The Newport Group, a Trident portfolio company which already serviced over $10 billion of BOLI CSV, acquired the operations unit that serviced Greenspoint’s BOLI block from the seller. This provided ongoing employment for the seller’s operations staff and ensured continuity of quality servicing for the bank clients, minimizing reputational risk to the seller.


Stone Point was instrumental in leading the process for the securitization exit; BOLI asset securitizations are esoteric and require specialized experience and skillset.

We wouldn’t have pursued the transaction with any firm other than Stone Point. The Stone Point team had the knowledge of the area, the experience, and the credibility to complete this transaction better than anyone. And, even more importantly, the people at Stone Point are simply the best. What a joy they are to work with.
Robert E. Long, Partner of Greenspoint Capital

Robert E. Long is not currently an investor in any Stone Point funds. Robert E. Long has, and may have in the future, other business relationships with Stone Point and its affiliates. This includes Robert E. Long’s role as Partner of Greenspoint Capital, which is a former portfolio company of Trident VI.

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