Our Mission Statement

Partnering with best‑in‑class management teams to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Our Principles

Focus on our Investors

Our goal is to provide superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors. When our investors and business partners succeed, we succeed.


Through our domain expertise and outbound sourcing model, we strive to identify and partner with best‑in‑class management teams that are aligned with us and create value for our investors.

Colleague Development

Stone Point is a meritocracy, and colleagues advance within the firm based on hard work and contributions to all aspects of the business. We give our colleagues responsibility and allow them to grow and contribute to the firm. We strive to create an environment that supports our colleagues’ development through ongoing training and opportunities for advancement.


Alignment is key to our investment philosophy and core to the long-term success of our firm. All of our investment professionals are aligned with our investors through personal investments in our funds. Similarly, our portfolio company management teams have meaningful direct investments alongside our funds, thereby ensuring alignment with us and our investors.


We are committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace, which we believe brings strength and effectiveness to our organization.


We believe in a work environment built around teamwork, sharing of ideas and respect for our colleagues. Our philosophy is simple: we expect our colleagues to be humble, to be supportive of one another and to treat others as they expect to be treated themselves. We are open to new ideas and encourage debate throughout our investment process, but such debates must be intellectually honest, respectful and constructive.

Honesty & Integrity

We hold our colleagues to high ethical standards in everything they do, both at work and in their personal lives. Upholding these standards is critical to ensuring our success today and in the future. Our reputation has been earned over more than twenty years – and we will not allow it to be compromised.