At Stone Point Capital, we are partners for the long term.

Investment Approach

We seek to help companies grow and build lasting value through our deep sector know-how and vast network within the global financial services industry. As one of the leading financial-services-focused investment management firms, we channel our knowledge into every partnership we form — at any stage, in any vertical, around the world.

Network With Us

We have developed a community of investors, owner-operators, industry experts, sector specialists and thought leaders, who all work to provide our companies with support on the road to success. This community enhances our value-add as long-term partners and serves as the cornerstone of our investment approach.

Network with Us
Focus Sectors
Trident Funds

We have a track record of supporting companies through various stages of their lifecycles.

Engage with Us

Engage With Us

We share a deep sense of optimism in people who are passionate about what they do and who seek to build exceptional businesses. We partner with owner-operators throughout their companies’ lifecycles — from the point of inception to when they become market-defining and industry-leading organizations.

Deep Relationships, Diverse Experiences and Intellectual Vitality.