Investment Approach

About Us

For over 25 years, we have been investing in people who are passionate about their businesses and are leading operators within their fields. We’ve raised more than $35 billion in aggregate capital commitments to invest in more than 145 companies across 10 active verticals and 75+ sub-sectors.

Investment Team

The investment activities of the firm are led by Chuck Davis, Steve Friedman, Jim Carey, David Wermuth and Nick Zerbib. This senior management team is supported by more than 70 investment professionals and senior advisors who bring to Stone Point Capital considerable experience from other leading private equity, investment banking, financial services, corporate law and accounting firms.

Investment Approach

We believe that we partner with best-in-class owner-operators to build outstanding businesses and that we offer support based on their company’s lifecycle needs. We focus on long-term partnerships and tailor the structure of our investments based on the objective of our portfolio companies.

Industry Focus

We seek to make investments in 10 major verticals of the financial services industry and believe our specialized sector knowledge and domain expertise is a significant driver of value in our investments.

Lifecycle Flexibility

We partner with management teams across all stages of their businesses, and we offer extensive support to build exceptional companies together.

Investment Size

We generally target equity investments of between $75 million and $750 million, but we have the ability to make smaller and significantly larger investments.

Ownership Positions

We strive to align interests with our portfolio companies’ management teams and are flexible in structuring our ownership stakes, which range from minority to majority positions.

Investment Period

We are patient investors geared for the long term. Our investment horizon varies by investment and spans five to 10+ years.


We use leverage judiciously and when appropriate for the lifecycle stage and strategic direction of the company.