• Investment Year:2010
  • Status: Past
  • Stage:
  • HQ:Chicago, IL

NXT Capital

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NXT Capital is a commercial finance company focused on serving the needs of middle-market corporate and commercial real estate sponsors.

Through its own balance sheet and capital provided by asset management clients, NXT directly originates, underwrites and invests in senior, unitranche and subordinated fixed income credit.


During the commercial finance industry dislocation caused by the ’08-’09 Financial Crisis, Stone Point proactively engaged with a large number of established firms and independent managers to evaluate prospective opportunities. Based upon these dialogs, Stone Point chose to partner with Robert Radway and his team, to deploy their proven origination and underwriting strategies into the market at a time of limited industry competition.


Stone Point worked with management to help raise $800 million of equity capital that supports the NXT balance sheet, and to establish the initial bank facilities funding the credit portfolio. Separately, as the NXT business model continued to mature, Stone Point introduced NXT to many of the institutional investors now committed to the company’s off balance sheet middle market credit funds.

Stone Point has assisted our management team in the strategic design, capitalization and continued expansion of the NXT franchise.
Robert Radway, Chairman & CEO of NXT Capital

Robert Radway is not currently an investor in any Stone Point funds. Robert Radway has, and may have in the future, other business relationships with Stone Point and its affiliates. This includes Robert Radway’s former role as Chairman & Chief Executive Officer for NXT, which is a portfolio company of Trident IV and Trident V.

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