• Investment Year:2014
  • Status: Past
  • Stage:
  • HQ:West Palm Beach, FL

Oasis Outsourcing

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Oasis Outsourcing is a leading privately held professional employer organization (PEO) in the U.S. and provider of comprehensive and cost-effective human resources services to small- and medium-sized businesses.

The company provides HR administration and development, employee benefit plan management, full-service payroll administration, risk management and staffing and recruitment services.


Stone Point helped Oasis improve its risk management program through our experience and expertise in the workers’ compensation industry.


Stone Point has introduced Oasis to multiple clients and referral partners, resulting in several hundred thousand dollars of annual recurring revenue for the company.


Stone Point has played a key role in helping Oasis source and execute six acquisitions, which has expanded Oasis’ market presence in key geographies and helped increase the company’s EBITDA by ~60% since the time of the initial LBO. As a result, Oasis is now the largest privately held PEO in the U.S.


Stone Point was highly involved in the company’s re-alignment of certain senior management, including assisting with candidate screening and interviewing of the company’s COO. Stone Point also instituted a new option program and hosted a “Strategic Plan” dinner with all employee shareholders to help promote shared alignment around future potential equity value creation.


Stone Point has led all of the company’s third-party debt financings, which have been critical in the company’s ability to successfully execute on its M&A strategy. Stone Point also led a minority recapitalization with a long-standing Stone Point relationship that resulted in liquidity for both management and Trident while strengthening the company’s equity base and access to additional capital.

The depth and quality of support provided by Stone Point has been, and continues to be extraordinary. Their financial strength and stellar reputation enable us to capitalize on many acquisition and investment opportunities. But beyond that, and perhaps even more importantly, their unmatched acumen across a wide range of businesses makes us a better company. Their input, guidance and advice have been absolutely invaluable.
Mark Perlberg, CEO and President

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