• Investment Year:1999, 2010, 2014, 2018
  • Status: Current
  • Stage:
  • HQ:Memphis, TN


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Sedgwick is a leading third-party administrator (TPA) that offers customized, fully integrated, outsourced claims management solutions and focuses on serving the nation’s largest employers and the self-insurance market.

The company provides a comprehensive suite of services related to workers’ compensation, disability, liability and property claims to third parties globally. Sedgwick is a pure fee-for-service business and assumes no underwriting risk.


Stone Point assisted Sedgwick in developing a number of new business proposals and making client introductions.


Stone Point assisted on numerous strategic acquisitions, including transformational acquisitions of providers of loss adjusting and specialized claims management services.


Stone Point was key in helping to recruit senior management, including the CFO.


Stone Point worked with Sedgwick management to develop the company’s stand-alone governance, operations and reporting.


Stone Point was instrumental in the successful transition of Sedgwick from Trident IV and helping source KKR as a go-forward partner in 2014.

Trident was quick to recognize the value of our business model and … has taken the time to truly understand the subtleties of our business and continues to provide thoughtful advice and counsel on a broad range of strategic, financial and operational issues.
Dave North, Executive Chairman & Former CEO of Sedgwick

Dave North is not currently an investor in any Stone Point funds. Dave North has, and may have in the future, other business relationships with Stone Point and its affiliates. This includes Dave North’s role as Executive Chairman and former Chief Executive Officer for Sedgwick, which is a portfolio company of Trident VII and a former portfolio company of Trident II, Trident IV and Trident V.

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