• Investment Year:2015, 2018
  • Status: Current
  • Stage:
  • HQ:New York, NY


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The company was formed in June 2019 with the merger of Situs Group LLC and American Mortgage Consultants (AMC), both Trident portfolio companies. Trident VI invested in Situs in March 2015, and Trident VII invested in AMC in March 2018.

SitusAMC offers a comprehensive set of services and technology to domestic and international banks, private equity investors, pension funds, secondary market guarantors, non-bank mortgage originators and servicers, and numerous other participants in the commercial and residential real estate markets. SitusAMC’s service offerings include consulting and advisory services, underwriting and due diligence, servicing and asset management, claims management, valuations, mortgage servicing rights and whole loan brokerage, talent solutions, and technology solutions including warehouse management, conduit management, collateral management, document management, overall capitalization rate indexing, data extraction, portfolio management and remittance reconciliation among others.