• Investment Year:2009
  • Status: Past | Acquired by F.N.B.
  • Stage:
  • HQ:Raleigh, NC



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Yadkin is a community bank with over 70 full-service banking locations in North Carolina and South Carolina, including a meaningful presence in the key North Carolina markets of Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Winston-Salem and Greenville.

The combined company is led by CEO, Scott Custer, who previously was CEO of Piedmont Community Bank Holdings, Inc..

Industry Knowledge & Network

Stone Point had a long pre-existing relationship with Adam Abram, who had led the formation of Yadkin’s predecessor and then recruited Scott Custer to run Yadkin. Additionally, Stone Point had pursued a similar community bank strategy in several other regions throughout the U.S. before partnering with Yadkin.

Introduction to Clients & Partners

In accordance with passivity rules, Stone Point facilitated networking events for community bank executives from various parts of the country to share best practices.

M&A Sourcing

Stone Point assisted Yadkin’s management team with target bank due diligence and advised management with respect to transaction structuring and financing.

Capital Raising & Structuring

Equity backstop for stock required to repay TARP of acquisition target enhanced execution of equity capital raise.

Operational Assistance & Governance

Stone Point was an active member of the company’s Board and various committees.

Exit Strategy

Stone Point was instrumental in Yadkin’s merger into a large public company.

Our relationship with the Stone Point team was more than just business. It was a partnership. During our six years together, we bought six companies and each transaction came with its own complexity. The advice and counsel we received from the Stone Point team was critical to our success. As CEO, I always felt supported by the team.
Scott Custer, CEO of Yadkin

Scott Custer is not currently an investor in any Stone Point funds. Scott Custer has, and may have in the future, other business relationships with Stone Point and its affiliates. This includes Scott Custer’s role as Chief Executive Officer for Yadkin, which is a former portfolio company of Trident IV.

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